How to Setup Company Listings for WP Job Manager Plugin

Company Listings for WP Job Manager is an add on of WP Job Manager WordPress plugin. This plugin requires WP Job Manager plugin activated on the site.


To install Company Listings for WP Job Manager plugin, please follow the below steps:

  1. Download the plugin zip file from your account page at TechBrise Store.

  2. Install and activate the plugin.

  3. After activating the plugin, it will automatically open a page to set up the Company Listings plugin. Please follow the steps after the 4th point.

  4. Enter your plugin license to activate it. (Check the FAQ page: )

    1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Companies > License 

    2. Press button Activate License

The below steps are the plugin steps which directly come after activating the plugin the first time.

Plugin Setup

Step 1: Click on the button “Continue to page setup“

If you manually want to setup the pages then select “Skip setup, I will setup the plugin manually“

Step 2: Page Setup

  1. It will automatically create all the required pages which Company Listings for WP Job Manager plugin needed.
  2. Click on Create Selected Pages (Note: Change the Page title as per your website requirement)

If you want to skip the setup to auto-create pages and instead want to do it manually then follow the below method.

Create the following pages and insert the shortcode mentioned in the page content:

  1. Submit Company Page (the form where the user will be able to submit a company)

    1 [submit_company_form]
  2. Company Dashboard Page

    1 [company_dashboard]
  3. Company Listing page

    1 [companies]
  4. Company Directory page

    1 [company_directory]


Step 3: All done!